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Like Filipino Martial Arts, Silat iis designed to engage and eliminate opponents aggressively and quickly, while maintaining the mobility and fluid movement necessary to move effectively from one opponent to the next on a battlefield.  This program teaches you to take advantage of the full range of anatomical weapons, from teeth to toes, but it also contains a stunning array of unorthodox weapons and improvised weapons such as scarves and keys.

The grappling tactics found in this program are special in that they’re designed to be used while upright or kneeling.  Imagine all the chokes and joint locks from Jiu Jitsu, but executed from untangled positions with a huge emphasis on maintaining mobility.

Speed, leverage, and devastating disabling moves are the basis for Silat and it is all about exploiting weaknesses in your enemy and incapacitating them as quickly as possible.



Maphilindo Silat is the compilation of all of the various systems of Silat that Guro Dan Inosanto studied under masters from Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.  He created this particular expression of the art to honour the innovations and unique strengths and insights of each of his instructors.

Silat is a comprehensive martial art that can be traced all the way back to Alexander the Great. It’s ancestral art, called Silek, was first learned and proliferated through the island of Sumatra by members of Alexander’s forces.  It was later disseminated by the ancestral Malayo-Polynesian people and has found common expression in many of the other arts that evolved among the populations that spread and flourished into modern day.



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